ECHA guidance on information requirements and CAS – Part D: Framework for exposure assessment (August 2016)

This document provides guidance on how to carry out an exposure assessment to determine the conditions of safe use for all the uses of a substance registered under REACH.

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Annotated templates for an Exposure Scenario

  • Annotated ES template – Industrial
  • Annotated ES template – professional
  • Annotated ES template – consumer

These templates provide registrants with the structure that has been recommended for exposure scenario communication. Please note that the format is not specified in the legal text, although the examples show the recommended structure based on practical experience and helps industry move towards a more harmonised format. All the templates can be found at the following link:

European Chemicals Agency 

ECHA guidance on the compilation of safety datasheets (November 2015)

This guidance document aims to assist companies to ensure they fulfil their obligations under Article 31 of REACH and Annex II of REACH.

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Practical examples of exposure scenarios (July 2014)

This three part guidance document shows a registrant how to extract the relevant information from their chemical safety report and communicate them effectively as exposure scenarios for the downstream user.

Part 1: an Introductory note

Part 2: An example of exposure scenarios

Part 3: Chesar 3.2 substance file

Examples have been developed in collaboration with European Industry Associations and can support the productions of good quality exposure scenarios and communication of safe use in the supply chain.

  • Exposure scenarios for the semiconductor industry
  • Professional use of a substance in floor coatings
  • Consumer user of a substance in cleaning products

The guidance documents and practical examples can be found at the following link:

Practical examples

Use maps templates and use map library (February 2016)

The use map concept has been designed to improve the quality of information on use and conditions of use communicated in the supply chain.

Use Maps 

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Guidance for writing and receiving exposure scenarios

Guidance for writing and receiving exposure scenarios

 This guidance document is intended as a starting point only and should not be used in isolation. It is not designed to inform the reader of what is an extended-safety data sheet, exposure scenario etc. A selection of additional sources of information is provided in a separate document to help the reader further