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  • CIA Manifesto ’Britain’s chemical industry fuelling UK growth - a plan for the next Government’ - see page 12
  • CIA gets ready to celebrate the best of UK Chemical and Pharmaceuitcal Businesses - see page 16
  • ChemTalent to launch a survey for early careerists - see page 24

Every modern economy needs a chemical industry

Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly magazine, CIA Matters. In these pages, we strive to provide updates, in-depth analyses and thought-provoking features that define the ever-evolving world of industry.

As we move further into 2024 – general election year in all probability - the Government and the Opposition are pretty much in the same positions as throughout 2023. The Government focus remains on vote winning and not the longer-term direction and decisions that business needs, whereas the Opposition is not saying too much, being content to sit back and let the Conservative Party fall out with itself. Apparently, there are likely to be around 70 general elections in the democratic countries of the world before the year end and, with that, the ability for more than 50% of the world’s voting population to have their say through the ballot box. Out of the 70 there will of course be a limited number that have the potential to impact seriously on the UK - in particular the June elections for the European Parliament (the EU still being our most important market place) and the November US Presidential election (still our number one export destination).

Our job is of course to make every effort to place the chemical industry at the heart of positive Government and Opposition thinking and action on manufacturing and science. We will be doing that through our everyday lobbying and advocacy with you, our member companies, and, more formally, through our manifesto, which was launched in Parliament last month. For more information see page 12.

M5 and the Uk economy

Source: M5 and the UK economic impact 

Apart from our own CIA manifesto, we also delivered the M5 Manifesto making the case for chemical industry inclusion as part of advanced manufacturing and one of this Government’s designated growth sectors – a point recognised by the Government and Opposition when we launched our M5 manifesto alongside colleagues from aerospace, automotive, food & drink and life-sciences. You can read it here.

Turning to the March Budget, as the Chancellor continues to prepare to deliver his Budget Statement to Parliament the CIA has set out its main tax and financial support asks, which you can read here.

Coming up, I am delighted to announce the launch of our 2024 Chemical Industry Awards. These Awards provide the best opportunity to showcase your company and your workforce for their achievements. I know that even in these most challenging of times there are some incredible stories from our member companies. Please take a look - we look forward to receiving your entries. Thank all our member companies for the work that you do for our sector and for the time and resources you commit to working with us on the collective industry-wide agenda.

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