The International Council of Chemical Associations, representing more than 90 percent of global chemical sales, announce the launch of three high-level ambitions.

The International Council of Chemical Associations, representing more than 90 percent of global chemical sales, announce the launch of three high-level ambitions on the sound management of chemicals and waste ahead of an upcoming key UN conference that will define the future of the Beyond 2020 Instrument, the global UN-led policy framework to promote chemical safety around the world.

The global chemical industry strives to fulfil the following three ambitions:

  • By 2030 we have provided access to available data on the safety and sustainability of our products.
  • By 2030 we have supported 30 countries in their implementation of effective chemical management systems.
  • By 2030 we will guide product portfolios, including processes, toward sustainable solutions.

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) supports the ICCA’s high-level ambitions. The chemical industry is vital to the UK economy and recognises the importance of international cooperation in shaping the future of chemicals management. CIA’s Chief Executive, Steve Elliott, said, “As we move forward, we need an international framework that enables ambition to translate into workable actions paving the way to identify and scale up solutions offered by the chemicals industry in achieving our Sustainable Development Goals”.

Steve added, “For industry, this has already started, with the Capacity Building Hub proposal being a prime example of good collaboration between stakeholders, improving and delivering consistent sound management of chemicals across the world”.

With ambition high to complete the final stages of negotiations and deliver a new, effective global chemicals management framework at ICCM5, the imminent focus will soon shift to implementation.

CIA’s Head of Chemicals Management, Dr Roger Pullin, said, “As the ICMM5 concludes and Defra undertakes post-event deliberations, our main objective is to ensure the practicality of these measures for UK-based businesses. Our intention is to facilitate the creation of a pragmatic and functional framework that fosters sustainable growth within the UK economy”.

The Chemical Industries Association’s support reinforces the industry’s collaborative spirit and underscores the importance of industry-government cooperation in creating a sustainable future. The chemical industry, both globally and in the UK, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a safer and more sustainable world for generations to come.

As we move forward with negotiations, it is important to give the youth a platform to have a say on international processes addressing chemicals and waste. Their perspectives reflect the evolving needs and concerns of future generations, ensuring that decisions made today will have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow.

For the first time, a one-day Youth Forum was hosted at the ICCM5. CIA’s ChemTalent was pleased to take part in this event to voice their perspectives and contribute to vital discussions on chemical safety, sustainability, and regulatory frameworks.

Amy Summerton, Research Chemist at SABIC and Leader of the CIA’s ChemTalent Network participated in a panel discussion around educational systems for a green and sustainable chemistry revolution.

Amy said, “It was great to share my career journey as it was not the conventional university route. This was an opportunity to represent ChemTalent on an international stage and share our views on what we felt is missing in the education young STEM careerists receive and what needs to be done for the future. Sharing the message of ChemTalent priorities and work was key, and I felt proud to share this to a wider audience”.

The Youth Forum at ICCM5 has, without a doubt, marked a historic moment for the UN and governments to hear directly from children and young people about their needs and priorities for the future of chemicals governance.


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