Authorisation is a process in REACH to identify and manage substances of very high concern (SVHCs) by promoting their substitution with less hazardous alternatives. The SVHCs which are subject to Authorisation are listed in Annex XIV to REACH, commonly known as the Authorisation List. Each entry in Annex XIV includes both a “sunset date” and a “latest application date”. As a general rule, where a substance is included in the Authorisation List it cannot be supplied for use or used after the sunset date unless that use is exempted or an authorisation has been granted.


  • Who can apply?
  • Latest application date
  • The approach
  • How much will it cost?

Further information 

If you are interested in finding out more about Authorisation, why not come along to our REACH The Basics or REACH for Suppliers of Articles trainings. These events are aimed at anyone in the chemical manufacturing, importing and chemical-using sectors involved with Annex XIV substances. Our trainings can also be of interest to anyone who has identified that their supply chain uses a Candidate List substance that may be added to Annex XIV and needs to consider the consequent business continuity issues.

Our Gold subscribers can access our more detailed guidance on the Authorisation process, applying for Authorisation and socio-economic analysis on the password-protected section of the REACHReady website. If you aren’t a Gold subscriber yet, sign up today.

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