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Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow

The Chemical Industries Association has partnered with ITN Productions to launch Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow, a news and current affairs-style programme reporting on the importance of the multi-billion pound chemical industry and the significant impact the sector has on our day to day lives, economic progress, UK operations and the future for the next generation.



Watch the trailer - launched on 21 November 2019

Watch Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow.

This pioneering programme looks at the chemical industry and the impact it has on our day to day lives. Dispelling the myths around chemicals, this programme looks to tell the story of an industry that enhances the operations of the UK to provide a brighter future for the next generation.


  1. Introducing 'Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow'
  2. ITN Interview with CIA Chief Executive Stephen Elliott
  3. CIA Young Ambassador and Future Forum - Encouraging a new generation into the science sector
  4. Bitrez Limited- Creating bespoke solutions
  5. CalaChem Limited- Developing successful careers
  6. Global MSDS- Changing the face of the chemical industry
  7. Syngenta- Responding to the challenges of climate change
  8. Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow- Thanks for watching

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