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Our Route to Net Zero

The Chemical Industries Association has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme The Chemical Industry: Our Route to Net Zero exploring how the chemical industry is at the forefront of the new revolution to make products sustainable, vital in helping the UK achieve its net zero target by 2050.



The chemical industry is committed to delivering more sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener society. Not only are chemicals essential components to energy-saving products but cutting emissions and transforming chemical production could have a huge impact globally. Anchored by an ITN Productions presenter, The Chemical Industry – Our Route to Net Zero explores what the chemical solutions of the future look like and highlights examples of best practice, innovative solutions and technologies meeting green regulations and significantly contributing to societal advancements based on world-class chemistry.


Press Releases

Launch statement for Our Route to Net Zero

Robinson Brothers on Screen: Our Route to Net Zero



Interview with CIA Chief Executive, Steve Elliott

Reporter Selina Downes speaks to Steve Elliott on the role the chemical industry is playing in the route to net zero.


INEOS O&P UK at Grangemouth are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 37% and supporting Scotland's carbon capture and storage project using depleted oil fields.

Robinson Brothers

The team at Robinson Brothers Ltd highlight how the company is challenging the perceptions around chemical companies and the environment.


Bitrez is helping clients drive towards net zero targets through its innovative materials, providing businesses with clean alternatives to petrochemicals.


Inovyn, part of the Ineos group, is involved in many projects to accelerate the use of Hydrogen across Europe and to work towards the UK net zero targets.


Koura showcase their cleaner, greener versions of fluroproducts that are used in millions of everyday applications around the world.