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The UK chemical industry’s online exhibition of CIA member sustainability initiatives

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Our Route to Net Zero

Not only are chemicals essential components for delivering a cleaner and greener economy but transforming our chemical production will make a huge contribution towards the UK’s collective net zero transition.

The journey for our sector is not a new one. It has already seen us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by over 80% since 1990. But the transition does not stop here. Taking 2018 as our base year, a huge collective effort will be required to halve our remaining CO2 emissions by 2034 and to further reduce them by 90% by 2050. This will require us building on our energy efficiency progress, enabling circularity, but above all, access to hydrogen carbon capture and storage and clean electricity.

Our sector is diverse, with businesses at different stages of their own journeys and our response to climate mitigation and adaptation continues to evolve. Adaptation of chemical business sites and their operations to minimise the risks from projected climate-related severe weather impacts can also make a significant contribution to meeting net zero targets and requires action now to protect businesses. For this reason, we also include links to CIA’s climate change risk assessment guidance.

From guidance and experience sharing, to signposting funding opportunities and events, the resources here aim to provide support, to help businesses navigate at any stage of their transition.


Our Publications

Preparing for climate change adaptation

The hydrogen climate solution

Accelerating Britain’s Net Zero Economy - The Chemical Industry: Combating Climate Change

Our Route to Net Zero film series

CIA partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme exploring how the chemical industry is at the forefront of the new revolution to make products sustainable, vital in helping the UK achieve its net zero target by 2050.

Selina Downes on set





Croda replace plastic seed coatings: Xampla has partnered with Croda to develop a natural replacement for microplastic seed coatings



  • 24 June - The Faraday Battery Challenge: The ‘surgery’ is an opportunity to understand more about the Round 5 Faraday Battery Challenge Competition
  • 29 June - Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge: KTN event brings together stakeholders to discuss the economic, environmental, and societal challenge
  • 14 July - Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator: Innovate UK KTN event to showcase the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund and Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator. Details TBC