Council has three Networks, dealing with energy & climate change, innovation and trade.

Energy & Climate Change Network

Network Manager: Rich Woolley

The UK was the first major economy to set a target to end its contribution to global warming, before 2050. This target and subsequent interim targets – a 68% reduction by 2030 and 78% reduction by 2035 – have supercharged climate policy development in the UK. This network allows members to keep up-to-date with all climate policy and funding developments relevant to the chemical sector, as well as the rapidly changing dynamics of the UK’s energy market which is already well ahead of our competitor nations in its transition to net zero. The network also gives members an opportunity to input to CIA’s work, to ensure that energy and climate policy is cost effective and does not leave the UK’s chemical sector vulnerable to international competition. The network particularly focuses on lobbying on energy prices and charges, market liberalisation and security of supply, as well as developments relating to all of the UK’s various mandatory energy and greenhouse gas reporting and pricing schemes.


Innovation Network

Network Manager: Mike Lancaster

The aim of the Innovation network is to help companies innovate through collaboration, identification of common themes, improved information on access to funding, and better linking the innovation supply chain. The network will also identify relevant areas for wider CIA lobbying and input into consultations.


International Business Promotion Network

Network Manager: Ian Cranshaw

Doing business overseas is an important part of any chemical businesses’ portfolio. This network meets three times a year and is a great way for you to share general information about overseas markets and provide input to influence official support mechanisms, including funding assistance.

How to join the CIA Council Networks   

Members are invited to get involved with the CIA Council Networks. For further information or to express an interest in joining, please contact 

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