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People form the heart of the UK chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our sector:

directly employs a highly skilled workforce of around 155,000 people
supports (in total) over 500,000 jobs in the UK economy
pays workers an average of over 55% more than the average UK manufacturing worker
    Figures as at February 2021

CIA is committed to maintaining and growing a strong skills base to ensure the continued success of our industry. We work closely with government and industry on skills issues.



Employment & Skills Industry careers

Exciting opportunities

Those at the beginning of their careers in the Chemical Industry have the opportunity to make big impacts on companies early on in their careers because in a very competitive industry companies are always looking to improve products and how they are made.

In the modern industry, teams of chemists and engineers work together on projects. The idea of a scientist at a bench all day with only test tubes for company is a thing of the past!

The industry is global, so if travel or working abroad is part of your plan - you can do it with the Chemical Industry! Check out the useful careers links below:

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It's not all work work work

Science and engineering graduates tell us that one of the most rewarding parts of their career in the chemical industry is the opportunity to be involved in schemes to excite and educate children, making them think differently about the role of the chemical industry. Click on the links below to find out more about schemes working with children:

Children Challenging Industry



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