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Members are invited to get involved with our Employment Strategy Group.

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CIA represents member company views on a range of employment issues. The continued access to skilled EU workers is a key concern of companies post-Brexit. CIA have ensured that our member priorities are understood by the UK Government and the European Union ahead of and during Brexit negotiations. CIA has been active in advising members in relation to the Apprenticeship Levy, Gender Pay Gap and General Data Protection Regulations and we continue to advise policy developers about the impact of any additional demands on our industry. Our employment lobbying has seen changes in initial legislator proposals covering a series of different topics, saving significant sums. CIA manages a national level relationship between our member companies and the trade unions of our sector. This has produced a number of joint positions and together we have lobbied for the sector in the UK and in Europe.





ChemTalent is for all future talent working in or for the UK chemical sector, from apprentices, to graduates, across every function that enables our companies to operate on a daily basis. This group aims to be a coveted platform to inspire, to debate and to transform the future of our industry. 

All those working in the UK chemical industry who are at the start of their careers (around 10 years or less). We also invite those seeking a career in the industry and so university students, apprentices and those with a genuine interest are welcome to join. Find out more


Chemical careers


More information on career opportunities in the chemical industry can be found on the website of Cogent, the organisation that looks at the skills needed in our industry. The site supports young people and individuals to make the best informed career choice. In the case studies section you can see some of our members talking about their work. Also, the careers section gives an outline of career options and provides access to real job profiles along with entry levels, qualifications and standards.



The Chemical Industries Association and Cogent Skills have published the output from a series of executive roundtables on the future skills requirements of the chemical sector.

Future Skills for the Chemical Industries