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Mike Squire

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Members are invited to get involved with various environment strategy groups, networks and issue teams, which include:

  • Environmental Health
  • Waste gas for chemicals BREF
  • BREF networks

For further information, or to express an interest in joining, please contact one of the team above.


Whether its environmental permitting, air, waste, water and resource management, CIA works on these policy topics for our member companies and has excellent relationships with government departments and environment regulators throughout the UK and access to European bodies. 

We work to find solutions to resolving the challenges of today e.g. BREF implementation and look ahead to the future to help UK companies remain competitive by actively influencing the development of new BREFs and the revision of existing requirements. The Industrial Emissions Directive alone can require £tens of millions for compliance with a single BREF at a single site and CIA works to mitigate these costs.



Our Positions

Our public policy issues that relate to the work of chemicals businesses. We give a description of what each issue is, any legislative agenda, what we as an industry are doing about it and what we want others to do. We aim to examine the ways in which these policies can meet the needs of the UK and help chemical businesses.

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Our Publications

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