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Responsible Care®

Responsible Care®

A voluntary initiative, Responsible Care® was developed by the chemical industry for the chemical industry.  The UK was one of the first adopters of Responsible Care®, some 30 years ago, and CIA is integral to UK implementation. Part of our work in this area includes CIA's Responsible Care® Guiding Principles (revised in 2017) that are a condition of membership and must be signed by the senior management of our member companies. Our Principles serve to implement Responsible Care® at site level and correlate well with the International Council of Chemical Associations' (ICCA's) Global Charter.

"As a member of the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), this company commits to managing all aspects of its activities at UK sites so that we provide high levels of protection for employees, customers, the public and other stakeholders, and for the environment. Effective management of health, safety, environment and product stewardship will be the foundations of our Responsible Care approach. We will demonstrate our commitment and seek continuous improvement in our performance in these aspects by adhering to the following Responsible Care principles:"

RC Guiding Principles 2017

See CIA's Guiding Principles here.

See more information on ICCA's Global Responsible Care® Charter here.


Chemsafe is the UK chemical industry's voluntary scheme for providing expert advice to the emergency services in the event of a chemical emergency. The scheme is designed to deliver a rapid and co-ordinated response following a chemical incident in order to minimise the risks to people, the environment, assets and reputation. Funded by the Department for Transport and Chemicals Industries Association, the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) delivers the Level 1 emergency response component of Chemsafe through a 365/24/7 dedicated telephone number provided only to the emergency services and other nominated organisations. To help operate this critical service, NCEC maintain a confidential database of company and product information (contact details and safety data sheets) supplied voluntarily by industry. In addition to this, NCEC provides training to emergency services in hazardous materials response and how to use the Chemsafe scheme.

Chemsafe resource (click below)

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For Responsible Care related enquiries, please contact:


Sarah Campbell

Julian Hought

Dallas Paternott

[email protected]

Davy Pollard

[email protected]

Terry Woolmer

Be part of it 

Members are invited to get involved with various Responsible Care® strategy groups, networks and issue teams, which include:

  • Chlorine users
  • Ethylene Oxide sector
  • Hydrogen Fluoride sector
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Responsible Care® Cells

For further information, or to express an interest in joining, please contact one of the team above.

Downloadable publications and posters

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Responsible Business of Chemistry

Occupied Buildings Overview

Occupied Buildings Factsheet


For hard copies of the above publications, please contact one of the Responsible Care® team.