An introduction for importers of goods and components into the EU

Welcome and Introduction

Compliance issues for your organisation

  • Borderline cases
  • Multi-component articles
  • Summary of REACH obligations
  • Roles & responsibilities within your company

Summary of REACH obligations

  • Candidate List of SVHCs
  • Article 33: communication to business customers, consumer “right to know”
  • Authorisation
  • Restriction

Monitoring and maintaining compliance

  • Keeping up-to-date with changes
  • Where to find information on chemicals
  • Checklists for importers and producers


Non-REACH expectations

  • Customer requests and public pressure
  • Black lists, grey lists and industry sector lists
  • Your obligations and your options

Supply chain management strategies, including

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Contracts of supply and purchase
  • Supplier auditing and re-approval
  • Component and product testing
  • Using IT systems

Implications of getting it wrong

  • REACH authorities
  • Customers and competitors
  • Rectifying non-compliance



Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is aimed at business managers and regulatory specialists in companies that supply articles within the EU/UK. It is of particular relevance to companies working through the complex and often confusing requirements in the REACH Regulation for finished goods, sub-assemblies and components. It will be of interest to importers and producers of articles alike, who are dealing with supply chain communication obligations and verifying product compliance.


Why attend?

As more SVHCs come under the regulatory spotlight, and the number of customer enquiries your company receives regarding chemicals of concern grows, you will be ever more reliant on a robust supply chain management system to ensure REACH compliance as part of product stewardship. While imports into the EU must be EU REACH compliant, manufacturing and importing into Great Britain (GB) are subject to UK REACH. This means separate obligations apply to duty holders based in GB, as UK REACH and EU REACH work independently from each other.

As the list of chemicals of concern grows:

✓ How do you check that your company is still on track?

✓ What does your REACH compliance statement mean?

✓ Do you have sufficient information to support your Article 33 declarations?

✓ Do you know if your goods comply with new and existing Annex XVII restrictions?

We will distinguish between regulatory requirements and customer requests, and outline key measures that you should be taking in your business – as well as important assurance checks to make of suppliers.

We will outline the essentials of a compliance strategy that will help you identify if you are doing all you can to comply, recognise where business risks are likely to occur and how to minimise them and develop and maintain your strategy for REACH compliance as part of good product stewardship. The practical implications of the UK withdrawal from the EU will be discussed throughout the day.

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