An introduction to the concepts of the SDS

Welcome and Introductions

Introduction to the Safety Data Sheet

  • What the SDS does, who is the intended recipient, REACH vs. older legislation

Supplying SDS – obligations & options

  • Obligations under REACH, proactive and reactive supply of SDS, sharing the SDS – best practice, version control

Contents of the SDS

  • What information is held in the SDS, sources of information, classification and labelling to CLP

The SDS format

  • Layout of the SDS, format under REACH – Annex II


Exposure Scenarios and the eSDS

  • What is an Exposure Scenario, incorporating information relevant for particular uses in the SDS

Updates to the SDS

  • When an SDS needs to be updated, major vs. minor changes, timing of updates

Q & A


Who should attend

Everyone receiving, using and supplying chemicals in the UK and EU 27 – including importers, formulators and professional users needs to understand their Safety Data Sheets. This day will be of particular interest to those implementing REACH and CLP compliance, as well as those handling chemicals and formulating mixtures.

This introduction to Safety Data Sheets is the first in a series of three training days designed to improve your understanding of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). It is ideal for newcomers to hazard communication, or for those needing a refresher. It sets the scene for our subsequent training on SDS for substances and SDS for formulators.


Why attend

This introductory day will deal with the following key issues:

✓ Recognising the SDS as a key tool in supply chain hazard communication

✓ Understanding the SDS you receive from suppliers

✓ Awareness of the transitional arrangements under REACH

✓ Implications of the changes to SDS under REACH


Next steps

To find out more about REACHReady’s bespoke training, and to discuss your specific requirements, please call us on 0207 901 1444 or e-mail

Supporting documents

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