The key SDS concepts for formulators

Welcome and Introductions

Introduction to the new SDS

  • Changes to the SDS in a nutshell – why change, what is changing, how to do it, and when

From the SDS Directive to EU/UK REACH & EU/GB CLP

  • Changes to REACH Annex II, future changes, timings, transitional arrangements

Classifying mixtures under EU/GB CLP

  • Obligations, sources of information, translation from DPD, classifying from data, bridging principles

Section-by-section review of the new SDS for mixtures

  • The content and level of detail


Managing risk & communicating advice

  • Relating EU/UK REACH registration to real life, implications of your supplier’s exposure scenarios for you and your customers

Incorporating supplier ES into your SDS

  • Extracting relevant information, tailoring the SDS to your customers’ uses, avoiding information overload

Computer-based solutions to SDS generation

  • Creating SDS for mixtures

Q & A


Who should attend?

Everyone supplying mixtures in the UK and EU 27, from importers to formulators needs to understand the Safety Data Sheet and how REACH affects it (EU/UK). This day will be of particular interest to those who are responsible for preparing SDS for the mixtures they formulate and supply to the end user and to other European & UK downstream users.

You’ll get the most from the day if you have some understanding of the SDS as well as knowledge of hazard communication under the Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD). We will assume you are familiar with EU/UK REACH and the EU/GB CLP regulation.

However, if you’re not fully up to speed don’t worry – we can adapt the programme to cover this or run a separate introductory day.

This day is one in a series of training days designed to improve your understanding of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).


Why attend?

This one-day course will deal with the following key issues:

✓ Understand what the SDS for mixtures needs to contain, and why

✓ Appreciate the transitions from DPD to REACH and CLP

✓ Understand the principles behind writing a REACHcompliant SDS

✓ Learn about exposure scenarios and including relevant information for your customers’ uses


Next steps

To find out more about REACHReady’s bespoke training, and to discuss your specific requirements, please call us on 0207 901 1444 or e-mail 

Supporting documents

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