It aims to reduce the costs to industry associated with buying or accessing EU hazard information while continuing to ensure high levels of protection of human health and the environment. A consultation on the proposals will be published in early 2024.

On 9th November, DEFRA published a ministerial announcement, outlining the policy direction for the UK REACH alternative registration model (ATRm). The proposed model will continue to put responsibility on industry to provide information on chemicals, while limiting data access costs and ensuring high level of human health and environment protection.

DEFRA’s intention is to reduce to the essential minimum the ‘hazard’ information required for transitional registrations and intermediates as well as ensuring UK authorities will receive GB-level information on use and exposure to better target regulatory work in the long term and that regulators’ actions will be on issues most concerning to GB. The statement also publicly announces the review of the existing fees structure for UK REACH to achieve a more sustainable funding model, including exploring reducing the current fee levels for UK REACH registrations as well as the intention to revise the UK REACH restriction processes.

The Chemical Industries Association’s response

CIA has publicly welcomed the announcement, in particular the plans to consult on reducing to an essential minimum the hazard information requirements for transitional registrations and reviewing fees. CIA is taking a proactive approach towards preparing for the consultations on UK REACH expected in early 2024.

A series of calls with volunteers from the Chemicals Management Network have taken place to cover the following aspects of the ATRm announcement so far: scope, use and exposure, improve authorities’ powers. At this stage, DEFRA’s plan is for the legislation to be made and to come into effect during the second half of 2024.