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  • Sustainable Horizon: A glimpse into the CIA Sustainability Conference
  • ChemTalent takes centre stage at the first ICCM5 Youth Forum and leads panel discussion
  • 2023 Annual Indicators of Performance Report 

Navigating a Dynamic Landscape of Policy, Innovation, and Investment in a Transformative Era

Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly magazine, CIAMatters. In these pages, we strive to provide updates, in-depth analyses, and thought-provoking features thatdefine the ever-evolving world of industry. This edition promises to be a compelling blend of innovation, industry trends, and expert perspectives, providing a window into the dynamic that shapes our business environment. 

As the Chancellor of the Exchequer prepares for his Autumn Statement to Parliament on 22 November – an event at which he has previously said that the UK will confirm its response to America’s Inflation Reduction Act – his advisors are increasingly commenting that his intent remains, but that the 22 November may not be the right time. 

With this in mind, we made a submission to the Government’s review on attracting Foreign Direct Investment (the Harrington review), which you can find here. CIA called for a long-term and stable carbon market framework; more favourable policy conditions for advanced circular recycling technologies, the long-awaited delivery of post-Brexit GB REACH regulations and the implementation of a UK Chemicals Strategy – all underpinned by a more internationally competitive fiscal environment and a better-connected departmental policy framework. The review, reflecting the dominance of No 10 and the Treasury in decision-making, has not exclusively been led by the Business and Trade Department but more by the Chancellor and his team.

In terms of current affairs, since our last update, immigration, industrial action and ideology across all political parties continued to dominate the headlines, alongside a stagnant economy, the announcement of the closure of school buildings and, most recently, the Prime Minister’s ‘re-setting’ of the Government’s net zero ambition and the terrible events unfolding in Israel and Palestine. 

Our responsibility to you as member companies is, on the one hand, to tackle the immediate challenges that you and your businesses face – especially those that threaten your licence, ability to operate and your international competitiveness – and, on the other, to identify and address those medium to longer-term priorities that influence your ability to invest and grow in the UK. Despite the many challenges we have to face, the CIA team will continue to devote its resources to these huge challenges that you, your businesses and your people grapple with, day in day out.The fight goes on. 

Turning to our international presence, the CIA attended the ICCM-5 negotiations in Germany over the week of the 25-29 September. I would like to highlight the importance of this because the UK has and continues to be heavily involved in the process, with Defra jointly co-chairing the development of a new Framework text under the UN initiative Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management. Please see page 9 for more. However, different to other years, it was great to see that for the first time young people came together to  discuss their needs and priorities for the future of chemicals governance in a one-day Youth Forum filled with panel discussions from key people across industry globally. CIA’s ChemTalent Young Ambassador, Amy Summerton, attended virtually to represent the ChemTalent network. You can find out more on page 32. 

Finally, our in person events are more popular than ever. In October, the CIA held its CIA Sustainability Conference in Leeds, marking a significant step in our industry’s journey towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future. The event was clearly a success, so thank you for the response and support. If you could not attend, see page 12 for an event summary. It does not end there. Coming up, our CIA Annual Dinner will take place on 16 November 2023 in London at the Grosvenor House Hotel – a fantastic occasion for celebration, networking and great entertainment. 

As we go through the last couple of months of 2023, let’s hope that we begin the new year 2024 on a surer footing. Thank all our member companies for the work that you do for our sector and for the time and resources you commit to working with us on the collective industry-wide agenda.

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