The CIA welcomes OpenPSM to its membership 

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is pleased to announce the addition of OpenPSM as its newest associate member. OpenPSM is an innovative cloud-based software product, built around internationally recognised good practice guidance. It has been designed to help companies to self-assess systems against relevant guidance to demonstrate that they are effective in managing major accident hazards. The software allows companies to log and assess essential programme elements against good practice guidance to drive continuous improvement in line with regulatory expectations and the aims of Responsible Care.

OpenPSM can help accelerate digital transformation for companies wanting to engage with a real-time, multiplatform product.

Five reasons to consider OpenPSM:

  1. Culture - by involving stakeholders across the business, PSM becomes embedded in your workforce culture and improves competency.

  2. Control - a central source of real time data that lets you map and benchmark your PSM programme.

  3. Continuity - a built-in maturity model puts your company on a continuous improvement journey.

  4. Cascade - share learnings between sites and key personnel within the business for peer-to-peer reviewing.

  5. Cost - a cost-effective, in-house alternative to expensive outsourcing that could mean substantial savings for your business.

The CIA is proud to welcome a company that specialises in working across the hazardous process industries, predominantly for upper tier and lower tier chemical and pharmaceutical operating companies. However, their expertise extends beyond these sectors and is also highly relevant for oil and gas, energy, and utility companies. This adaptability underscores the versatility and value of their software in addressing major accident hazards across various industries.

OpenPSM’s mission is to help individuals from the shop floor to the boardroom contribute to a sustainable transition to world-class performance in process safety management and reporting. This mission reflects their dedication to fostering a culture of safety, excellence, and sustainability within the chemical and related industries.

For more information about OpenPSM and their cloud-based software, please visit


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