Get ready to celebrate Chemistry Week!

Chemistry Week is on the 7th – 11th November and this year the theme is “ Chemistry making the world a better place”.  To celebrate ChemTalent will host an online roundtable discussion with industry leaders, education providers, apprentices, recent graduates and ChemTalent representatives  The discussion will revolve around a variety of topics that hold great significance for the chemical industry and its future.

We’re diving into crucial topics that shape the future of the chemical industry, and we can’t wait to share the insights with you. Here’s what’s in store:

  • Different Career Paths: Our panellists will share their own career journeys, each one different and unique. From the lab to the boardroom, chemistry opens doors to a wider range of fulfilling professions.

  • Importance of Industry & Education collaboration: We’ll dive into the vital synergy between industry and education, highlighting how working together can drive innovation and foster the next generation of chemists.

  • Sustainability & the Chemistry Curriculum: In our ever-changing world, sustainability is a top priority. We’ll discuss how the current chemistry curriculum, adapts to these evolving themes and equips students for the challenges of the future.

  • Supporting Future STEM Careers: Let’s explore what we can collectively do to support aspiring STEM professionals. Together, we can pave the way for future chemists, scientists and innovators.

  • Chemistry in School vs. Real World STEM Roles: We’ll tackle the question of whether the chemistry we learn in school effectively prepared us for real-life STEM careers, and if not, how we can bridge that gap.

  • STEM Initiatives & Collaboration: Discover what companies are doing in the realm of STEM initiatives and how we can support one another in our collective mission to make the world a better place through chemistry.

We will release the round table discussion video via our socials media platforms.


About ChemTalent: 

ChemTalent is an early careerists’ network within the CIA poised to shape the future of the UK chemical industry.  ChemTalent sits at the heart of the CIA’s Education and Employment Strategy Group and our missions is to be a coveted platform that inspires, encourages debate, and drives transformative change within the UK chemical industry. The network is made up of individuals who are embarking on their careers and those who are passionate about expanding their skills and advocating for the future of our industry. From apprentices to recent graduates, our diverse membership encompasses every facet of our industry, each playing an essential role in the daily operations of our companies. 

The network is led by the ChemTalent Leadership Committee led by Amy Summerton and 17 representatives coming from various CIA member companies. The committee is  responsible for mapping the direction of the group and the wider operations of ChemTalent.