Individual sites qualifying for this Award will be invited to apply following submission of IOP data.

INEOS Responsible Care Award

Individual sites qualifying for this Award will be invited to apply following submission of IOP data.


This Award is for the company or site which has excelled at Responsible Care by demonstrating leadership and a creative approach.


The Award is open to all open to all CIA registered member sites. Individual sites must have been in membership for at least two years.

Sites eligible for entry based on their Indicators of Performance return will be invited to be considered for the Award. A 2-page template will be provided to make further assessment.

The final judging stage will take place by the end of May 2024.

The winner will be announced at the Chemical Industry Awards Dinner.


Sites that have met the criteria from the indicators of performance will be written to by the CIA inviting them to enter into final stage. If the site agrees, a return summarizing its Responsible Care programme over the past year should be prepared. This should:

  • describe how the Guiding Principles are implemented at the site. 

  • demonstrate how continuous improvement through Responsible Care is making a positive contribution to the company’s business. 

  • include evidence of how Responsible Care is communicated throughout the organization and beyond. 

  • confirm participation in the Responsible Care cell network, giving examples of how experience sharing has delivered real benefits to the site. 

  • make special mention of innovative ideas, projects or initiatives that have provided value to their business within the area of Responsible Care.

  • Sites that are aware of any incident or accident that has occurred previously and which may lead to future prosecution, have to withdraw at this stage.


The judging Panel will comprise of up to 5 people, including industrial representation, members of the CIA Responsible Care team and independent assessors.

The Panel will assess the level of Responsible Care compliance, the performance improvement based on the information provided and the credibility of its Responsible Care programme as viewed internally and externally to the site. Based on this, the Panel will to agree a short list. A telephone interview may be requested for sites that have not undergone a RC Verification visit during the last 3 years.

Closing Date

Entries to be made in confidence to Diana Tamayo on the Entry Form, signed by a member of the company leadership team, by 12 April 2024.

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Diana Tamayo
Chemical Industries Association
Kings Buildings
Smith Square
SW10 3JJ
Tel:  +44 (0)20 7963 6791


All information provided in the entry form (except the 50 word summary, which will be published for all shortlisted candidates) will be treated in the strictest confidence. It will be used solely for the purpose of judging. Applicants will be consulted in case it is wished to use some material for future publicity purposes or for development of case studies.