To join, all members must commit to the principles of Responsible Care. 

As a member of the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), this company commits to managing all aspects of its activities at UK sites so that we provide high levels of protection for employees, customers, the public and other stakeholders, and for the environment. Effective management of health, safety, environment and product stewardship will be the foundations of our Responsible Care approach.

We will demonstrate our commitment and seek continuous improvement in our performance in these aspects by adhering to the following Responsible Care principles:


We will maintain a health, safety and environment policy that reflects our commitment and which will be an integral part of our overall business policy.

Leadership and Management Systems

Senior management will maintain a positive leadership culture in all aspects of health (including mental health), safety and environmental management. We will maintain documented management systems which are consistent with the principles of Responsible Care and which will be subject to a formal verification process.

Experience Sharing

In addition to ensuring our activities meet the relevant statutory obligations, we will share experience and learning with other industry colleagues and will seek to incorporate lessons from others into our own activities to help achieve best practice. We will support, where we can, CIA efforts in special cases to help poorer performing businesses.

Process Safety

Taking account of relevant best practice guidance we will assess and manage the risks associated with our processes and use process safety leadership and management to minimise major accident potential.

Performance Indicators

We will set, maintain and regularly review a range of performance indicators appropriate to our activities and hazards, to help us manage the risks. We will share performance data with CIA as part of the Indicators of Performance survey.

Chemicals Management

We will follow CIA Product Stewardship Guiding Principles to manage safety of our products throughout the supply chain by risk assessment involving our customers, suppliers and distributors.

Resource Efficiency

We will work to reduce our environment footprint and implement the concept of circular economy by enhancing life-cycle resource efficiency and reducing waste in all our activities.

Employee Engagement

We recognise that the involvement and commitment of our employees is essential to the achievement of our objectives. We will adopt communication and training programmes aimed at supporting and encouraging employee involvement and engagement.

Stakeholder Engagement

We will monitor our health, safety and environment performance and report progress to stakeholders. We will provide opportunities to engage local communities in dialogue about our activities and our products, and listen to their views.

Working with regulators

We will support joint industry/regulator programmes developed through reviews to improve ways of working in health, safety and environment.


We will manage our activities with due regard for all aspects of security of our business and the safety of the community in which we operate, taking account of the Responsible Care Security Code and other appropriate guidance available.

responsible care

Responsible Care Guiding Principles

All members must commit to the principles of Responsible Care. Download our guiding principles.