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The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the UK’s top manufacturing exporters. The sector adds over £17 billion of value to the economy, on sales of around £50 billion and is responsible for around 400,000 and indirect jobs.

We are trade intensive and, with 70% of operations headquartered from overseas, we compete with global production locations for mobile investment capital.

The chemical industry improved its labour productivity by around 25% between 2008 and 2016 and pays its workers on average 30% more than the average manufacturing worker. A large number of our jobs are in the north of England and Scotland.

The industry:

  • Spends £4 billion each year on investment in buildings, vehicles and machinery
  • Invests over £5 billion each year on research and development
  • Manufactures products and technologies that are delivering a green economy, e.g. for every tonne of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emitted, our products and technologies enable over 2 tonnes of GHG emissions savings

Our companies are behind some terrific innovations

The women and men who lead and work in the factories, offices and laboratories of our member company sites throughout the UK are massive contributors to the UK economy:

  • 1 in 3 cars is fitted with a Johnson Matthey autocatalyst
  • Wind turbine gearboxes benefit from the energy efficient oils produced by INEOS

All facts and figures correct as at July 2019

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