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The societal problem-solver:


The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is fundamental to modern society. Innovation for finding new products and services is crucial for the industry to satisfy the demanding and environmentally conscious consumers. With an immense variety of products, from vital medicines and foods, the construction of buildings, to transport and leisure, the industry truly does have an impact on virtually every aspect of our daily lives.


The industry is unique, linking critical parts of the supply chain – from energy and feedstocks (raw materials), to advanced materials, fine chemicals, life sciences and consumer products. It is the ‘industry for industries’, being both its own biggest customer and a provider of materials and technologies to other important sectors such as aerospace, automotive and construction.


  The country which is in advance of the rest of the world in chemistry will also be foremost in wealth and in general prosperity.

---- Sir William Ramsay ----


The industry is one of the largest in the UK, being a top manufacturing exporter:

  • Adding almost £25 billion of value to the economy, on estimated sales of around £66.7 billion.
  • We are trade intensive with the wider chemical industry exporting over £53 billion annually, over half of which heads to the EU27 while almost 20% heads to the US.
  • GVA per employee, a productivity measure, is £123,000, 82% greater than the manufacturing average and 92% higher than the working economy.
  • Directly employs over 150,000 highly skilled people who on average earn 35% more than other manufacturing industries and 54% more than the average worker in the economy.


A strong contributor to tackling climate change:

As we continuously work to improve our emissions performance, indirectly, we are ‘the builder’ of a net zero economy with our solutions used in homes, at work and throughout everyday life, saving at least 2 tonnes of greenhouse gases for every 1 tonne we directly emit.

Our companies are and continue to play a central role in successfully decarbonising the UK economy, whilst also creating jobs in regions where they are most needed.

All facts and figures correct as at March 2022



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