• £5.6bn

  • £11bn

  • 15,450

  • 545


Top three chemical subsectors in South East

By Business number:

  1. Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparation
  2. Manufacture of other chemical products nec
  3. Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations

By Employment:

  1. Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
  2. Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparation
  3. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical preparations


This region is responsible for 16.6% of all gross value added by the national chemical industry.

Within the South East the chemical industry is responsible for 1.9% of gross value added from all industries and a fifth (20.9%) of all manufacturing production.


This region’s export make up 18.6% of all chemical exports

Chemicals make up a fifth (26.4%) of all exports from the region and are exported more to the EU than to non-EU countries (60-40).

Over a third of all chemicals exported from the South East are medicinal or pharmaceutical products (37%). Roughly a fifth (24%) are classified as organic chemicals.


11.4% of all chemical and pharmaceutical employment is in the South East, with 3000 people working in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations, 2500 manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations, and 1500 manufacture of basic pharmaceutical preparation.

Our industry makes up for 6.2% of all manufacturing employment in the region.

The biggest manufacturing employers are fabricated metal products, food products manufacturing, and manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products.