• £2.6bn

  • £2.8bn

  • 10,065

  • 125


Top three chemical sectors in the North East

By Business Number:

  1. Manufacture of plastics in primary forms
  2. Manufacture of cleaning and polishing preparations
  3. Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
  4. Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations

By Employment:

  1. Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
  2. Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals
  3. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical preparations


This region is responsible for 7.7% of all gross value added by the national chemical industry.

Within the North East the chemical industry is responsible for 4.9% of gross value added from all industries and 28.4% of all manufacturing gross value added in the region.



This region’s export make up 4.8 % of all chemical exports

Chemicals are 20.7% of all exports from the region and are exported in similar quantities to EU and non-EU countries (53-47).

Roughly 30% of all exported chemicals from the North East are medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations. The second most exported type of chemicals is organic chemicals (roughly 20%).