Reviewing the REACH obligations for a City bank and interpreting Competent Authority responses.


Company L is a bank in the City of London. Following attendance at a successful briefing to members of a Banking Trade Association, Company L felt that they needed more specific advice. Many banks trade internationally in gold (and other metals) as bullion and it appeared that REACH registration was needed. However the law is unclear and is capable of differing interpretation. The difficulty facing the Bank was making the right decision based on understanding the implications of REACH registration and identifying if there was the potential for any adverse impact on the business.



A day’s consultancy at the Company L’s offices was agreed as the best approach as this would give senior managers the opportunity to become involved in discussions as necessary.

A detailed presentation was given to senior executives, commencing with a discussion on the scope of REACH and then dealing with the specific legal issues applicable to bullion. The ambiguities in the law were explained, a range of options developed and the risks and costs associated with these options were detailed. Scenarios were developed involving partner organisations and the expected behaviour of competitors.

There had already been some contact with the UK Competent Authority and their responses were discussed and clarified.



The event enabled the Bank to fully understand the technical and legal issues and to scope the implications of different courses of action. This provided the management of the Bank with a range of options which they could then use to decide what course of action to take. They could make these decisions with a full understanding of the implications for their business and the resulting consequences for their REACH compliance.


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