The implications of REACH and CLP when re-branding adhesives, sealant and dyes 


Company C is an importer of commercial vehicle spares and parts from the Far East into the EU. They had been alerted to the challenge of REACH by an EU customer who was anxious to know if the components included SVHCs. They approached REACHReady in an effort to find out more about the REACH regulation and their obligations.



In order to cover a lot of content quickly, and to ensure that the REACHReady consultant had all the relevant information regarding the products, a day’s consultancy at the company’s site was agreed as the most practical solution.

The day began by explaining in detail the task facing importers in terms of SVHCs in manufactured articles and this was then referenced to actual product lines imported by the business. The advice drew on the REACHReady consultant’s background in the motor industry and also as a government negotiator during the development of REACH.

A business strategy was shaped to deal with the requirements of REACH concerning SVHCs and it also became apparent that there was some confusion in the customer-base regarding the obligations of the supplier. Thus the strategy addressed the need to deal with both customers and suppliers.



Standard letters were drafted so that the company could act proactively and proportionately in terms of both customers and supplier. At the same time a draft company policy was prepared so that longer-term changes could be managed properly without losing essential product performance.


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REACHReady’s consultancy offers the opportunity to discuss your company’s business confidentially and in-depth. Consultancy can often result in concrete plans and tailored resources developed with the assistance of our technical experts.

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