Understanding the impact of CLP when importing and distributing paints, cleaners and lubricants


Company X is a European importer of specialised vehicles. As part of the franchise X also imports and distributes a range of accessories including chemicals such as aerosol paints, cleaners and lubricants. The company approached REACHReady for advice on the impact of CLP on these products.



Discussions with the company identified a need for a combination of consultancy and training, as the personnel involved would need to revise the existing labels. REACHReady arranged a bespoke CLP training day to brief technical staff on the new Regulation.

During the session examples of the product range were provided and it quickly became apparent that many of the current products were not compliant with current labelling law, including some which were in Japanese. There was no information to enable labels to be converted to CLP or to be easily translated.

Consequently the planned training session was abandoned and an urgent briefing put together and delivered to senior managers to inform them of the perilous legal position of the current practices. The rest of the day was spent working with the staff involved to identify the supply-chains through which incorrectly labelled products were distributed.



The company discovered that it that it was not complying with current legislation within the EU. Senior management were briefed on the legal position and were able to take decisive action. With REACHReady’s expert advice a short-term action plan was developed to deal with the problems of products in the market place and a longer term plan was put together to consider the future strategy towards the range of imported/distributed accessories.


Further information

REACHReady’s consultancy offers the opportunity to discuss your company’s business confidentially and in-depth. The technical experts have a flexible approach and where the situation isn’t as anticipated they will make every effort to adapt the day’s content to make it as relevant as possible. Following an initial free telephone consultation, the pricing for consultancy is based on a standard day-rate of £1300 plus VAT and any associated expenses. We aim to provide a value-for-money service of the highest quality and the flexibility to fit your budget. 

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