Croda supply their customers with “carbon negative” bio-based polymer additives from their Hull manufacturing facility in the UK, as demonstrated by externally verified cradle to gate Life Cycle Analysis.

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Croda’s manufacturing site in Hull, UK has demonstrated environmental leadership since 2008, with the installation of a 2.05MW wind turbine. In 2019, this turbine generated over 16000GJ of electricity, avoiding almost 2000 tonnes of CO2 emissions associated with grid electricity. The site has a decarbonisation roadmap in place to reduce its emissions by a further 50% by 2030. The site processes rapeseed oil, from locally grown rapeseed, transported to the site by barge. Croda’s polymer additives have a carbon footprint of -1.1kgCO2/kg on leaving the factory, allowing Croda’s customers to benefit from a reduction in their upstream scope 3 emissions. 

Further details

Croda’s 2020 Sustainability Report