Croda’s speciality performance laundry ingredients provide quantifiable GHG emission savings to customers and consumers.

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Croda’s ECO bio-based surfactant and fabric care biopolymer are formulated into fabric conditioners at 1% inclusion levels. To date, moving from a petrochemical to a corn-based feedstock for our ECO range of performance surfactants, alongside Croda’s operational decarbonisation activities, has led to a 17% reduction in the carbon footprint of the surfactant as it is supplied to customers. As Croda continues to decarbonise to meet its 1.5 degree C Science Based Target, this saving will significantly increase further.

During use, inclusion of Croda’s biopolymer in a fabric conditioner protects the fibres in the fabric, enabling clothes to be washed twice as many times and helping them to last longer. 1kg of their ingredient avoids 450kg CO2 and 130,000 litres of water associated with the manufacture of replacement clothes.


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