This ‘nature goal’ project contributes directly to Dow’s 2025 sustainability goals and demonstrates that business and nature can benefit mutually when we apply smart eco-design techniques.


This was a Dow Environmental Remediation project, landfill capping began in 2019 and was completed in September 2020.  The landfill is capped using a composite synthetic clay/plastic liner, covered by a protection aggregate layer and topped with soil with a wildflower seeded surface. Rainwater falling onto the capped landfill will gravity flow to a newly created wetland, which subsequently drains into 2 fishing lakes (all owned by the Barry site). Construction of the new wetland involved significant ecology support (reptile translocation, otter surveys, bird nesting avoidance, fish DNA testing for connecting watercourses) and brings added biodiversity to the Cadoxton ponds. We hope to see some amphibians arrive soon!