Thomas Swan was early to adopt British and International standards (BS5750 in 1987) and is very proud of being the first company in the world externally verified to Responsible Care.


Thomas Swan’s early adoption of British Standards has imbued the company with the desire to constantly improve in all areas, including Responsible Care subjects (health, safety, environment). This started with BS5750 in 1987 (later ISO 9001), BS7750 in 1996 (becoming ISO 14001), then OHSAS18001 in 2000 (becoming ISO 45001).

External verification to Responsible Care came in 2000. This standard is now tested by the CIA’s Responsible Care Verification system. We first underwent this process in 2011, scoring 20 out of 36. Our second visit saw the score improve to a very respectable 29 out of 36. Our next visit will hopefully demonstrate further improvements.

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