Company receives guidance on the labelling of small packages under CLP


Company X supplies surface finishing solutions to customers in over 120 countries worldwide. The company’s product portfolio comprises more than 200 formulations, supplied in pack sizes ranging from 100ml to 5L. With the onset of the classification and labelling of mixtures under the CLP Regulation, the company sought support to help them meet their labelling and packaging obligations.



During an initial telephone discussion with X’s Quality Manager P, a member of REACHReady’s technical team briefly explained labelling requirements under CLP. REACHReady confirmed that the majority of X’s products would need to be packaged and labelled in accordance with the Regulation.

To obtain more detailed information and guidance on meeting their CLP obligations, P signed up as a Gold subscriber. In lieu of a formal one-hour telephone consultancy session, REACHReady reviewed a set of sample labels to determine if they were in compliance, based on the classification of the products and customer locations, and provided P with feedback through the REACHReady Helpdesk. REACHReady’s expert confirmed the labelling elements required under CLP for the products in question and provided practical advice on applying the rules of precedence for hazard pictograms and selecting appropriate precautionary statements. For X’s products in small packages, REACHReady explained the minimum legal requirements and highlighted the options open to X to allow it to meet its CLP labelling obligations.

The labelling of products for supply to non-EU customers was also discussed briefly, taking into consideration requirements under the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation.



P gained a better understanding of the company’s labelling obligations and its options for compliance under CLP. Via our Helpdesk, one of REACHReady’s experts talked the company through different approaches to consider when labelling small packaging.

Company X is now exploring a range of other REACHReady services (including consultancy) that may be required.


Further information

REACHReady’s aim is to help our customers find the cost-effective solution which will best meet their requirements. The Helpdesk is a key benefit of the Gold subscription package, offering ongoing supportand answers to discrete queries via email and telephone to all our Gold subscribers. First-time subscribers can also receive up to one hour of scheduled telephone consultancy, ideal for getting started in a particular area of compliance.

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