Our vision builds upon the CIA’s historic commitment to sustainable development which dates back over 20 years, to 2001.  

Sustainability wheel 2023

One of CIA’s top priorities is to contribute towards a more sustainable future. Therefore, we take care to regularly revise our sustainability vision and sustainability goals to ensure they align with environmental, geopolitical and technological advancements that affect the UK chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the global agenda for sustainable development. 

In the latter half of 2022 we updated our materiality assessment to better understand the material aspects most important to our members and their various stakeholders and guide discussions with members. To ensure our vision is not only pertinent to the UK chemical and pharmaceutical industries but also globally relevant, we have correlated our vision to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This collective approach is therefore developed in line with the priorities of our member organisations and the Global Goals.

CIA’s Vision of Sustainability