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For Chemicals Management and REACH related enquiries, please contact:


Kirsty Eley

[email protected]

Nishma Patel 

[email protected]

Silvia Segna 

[email protected]


For chemicals and health related enquiries, please contact:

Roger Pullin

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Members are invited to get involved with various Chemicals Management. strategy groups, networks and issue teams, which include:

  • Biocides Sector 
  • Chemicals Management
  • GHS

For further information, or to express an interest in joining, please contact one of the team above.


Ensuring member representation at the highest level in Government and in Brussels is the top priority for our chemicals management directorate.

The regulatory framework governing this policy area can play a significant role in commercial viability of products and in turn the competitiveness of chemical businesses. From implementation of REACH, CLP and BPR Regulations to a whole host of upcoming emerging issues such as endocrines, nanomaterials and chemicals in products, the team puts advocacy into action to ensure the UK policy environment is growth-sensitive, with decision-making based on risk instead of hazard.

Our work is focused on Brexit and its implications for chemical policy in the UK going forward. In line with CIA principles of engagement on substance specific issues, the team also acts on issues that matter to CIA member companies most, where regulatory proposals may set up a precedent of consequence that could affect a broader range of chemicals and the wider membership.



Our Positions

Our public policy issues that relate to the work of chemicals businesses. We give a description of what each issue is, any legislative agenda, what we as an industry are doing about it and what we want others to do. We aim to examine the ways in which these policies can meet the needs of the UK and help chemical businesses.

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