Sustainability is a way of life at INEOS-owned INOVYN because it drives innovation.

Hydrogen Storage Salt Cavern Development- INOVYN case study

Doing good is not only good for business, but it has become increasingly important to our employees, customers and investors. With climate change now dominating the world’s news, industries like ours must find ways to continue providing society with what it needs, without further harming the planet. One mustn’t be at the expense of the other.

HyNet is an industry-led project that will help businesses, homes and the transport sector to harness the power of hydrogen, a gas that produces zero emissions when burned as a fuel. A consortium of 30+ companies plans to create a network – making use of carbon capture and storage – so that hydrogen can be produced, safely stored and distributed to decarbonise the region. As one of the those involved, INOVYN has a critical job. It will be providing vast underground salt caverns to store the hydrogen so that peaks in demand can be managed.

INOVYN knows that customers – be they in industry, the home or on the road – will only switch to low carbon hydrogen if the system is reliable. The ability to store hydrogen will also be essential if the UK is to capture the large, planned increase in electricity generated by wind farms and the sun. By converting off-peak electricity to green hydrogen, and storing that energy until it is needed, then the current wasteful curtailment of wind and solar generation will be avoided, and it will make the UK’s future energy systems much more efficient, more sustainable and reliable.

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